Why Conserve Endangered Species?

By Angie Adkin Huge smiles, excited laughter and ‘ohhs and ahhs’ fill the air when people visit zoos, aquariums, nature parks, animal reservations, and national parks.  A lot of people feel an intense connection with wildlife and the natural areas they inhabit.  In fact, it’s hard to imagine someone that wouldn’t just simply love the beauty of nature and feel a moral, or even an obligation to help protect and conserve


Action required to prevent elephant extinction

Both African and Asian elephants are in danger of becoming extinct. Latest surveys report that wild populations of African elephants are much lower than anticipated. With current rates of poaching, some estimates have elephants going extinct in the wild in the next decade. Dr. Chris Mortensen a researcher from the University of Florida is leading a team of experts in conjunction with conservation centers and zoos to learn more about elephants.


Is There Wide Distrust in Science?

By Dr. Chris J. Mortensen Is modern science flawed? For in the office directly next to me sits a brilliant geneticist. Within my own building, sits one of the world ’s most recognized animal reproductive biologists. Both have made important contributions to science. So much so that I believe they have made important and positive world-changing discoveries. Yet, should I be more suspicious of them? Should I not believe them when they share